Kamloops Doula, Childbirth Education
Doula, Childbirth, Kamloops, Prenatal, Pregnancy, Baby
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A wee bit about me…

I am a Doula, Educator, Mom Boss, Yoga Teacher, Heart Driven, Birth Loving, woman.


Prior to finding my passion for birth work, I spent years supporting people in roles within non-profit organizations across the country. I bring this experience (which taught me compassion, communication and what non judgmental support looks like) to my work in our birth community.


I have practiced yoga and meditation for years and can’t help but see the ways in which that seeps in to how I work with families. Tools I originally learned through yoga, such as mindfulness, are sometimes the most useful for labouring mothers. I love sharing this knowledge when it’s useful and relevant.


Working with tiny-human growing folks is my passionate heart’s work. Each birth I have attended and birthing woman I have stood by (knelt, squatted or crouched by) has moved and changed me.


I work from the perspective that birth has the capacity to be a joyful (yes, seriously) and powerful time in one’s life and that as such a time it deserves extra thought, care and support.