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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of hiring a Birth Doula?

I believe every woman deserves a Doula and every family can benefit from the continuous physical, psychological and emotional support a Birth Doula provides throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum journey.

Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at a birth tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications, reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience, reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesarean births and reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals.

But a Doula is so much more than what a clinical study can convey. A Doula is someone to call in pregnancy when you’ve been googling and can’t find the answer to a question (or better yet, someone to call before you hit google, because you know that can be a bad idea). A Doula is someone you develop a bond with, can release your fears to and talk to about your dream birth. A Doula will hold your hand and help you feel safe when the sensations are strong. A Doula is someone who can show your potentially scared partner how to get more involved and reassure them that the noises you’re making are completely normal. A Doula visits you at home, talks about your birth for the potentially 100th time (and loves it) and helps you navigate those tricky, early days of parenting a newborn.

The benefit of a Birth Doula much outweighs the cost when it comes to one of the most important days in your life… A day you will remember above most.

Will a Doula make my partner feel unnecessary?

A Doula’s role is to care for the emotional and physical needs of a birthing woman – OR whatever you define your Doula’s role as. Either way, taking the place of your partner, a person you have a deep personal connection with, is counter productive to a Doula’s job – totally not helpful.

A Doula can help your partner become more involved in the birth! This might be by preparing them prenatally for their role as an emotional and physical support, by role modeling support methods at the birth and/or  by reassuring them as you go, of what normal birth can look like.

Plus, a Doula is supportive to both you and your partner. A Doula will ensure your partner gets rest, eats and uses the restroom without fear of leaving you alone, and therefore be a better, more comfortable support person for you throughout the birth.

At what point should I hire a Doula?

I take on clients as early as they’d like to start receiving support. The earlier you start the process of hiring Doula support, the earlier you can start receiving support. I know very well that a million little (or big) questions can come up in pregnancy. Having someone to direct those questions to, instead of the google monster, is one major benefit of hiring a Doula earlier rather than later. Hiring a Doula early in your pregnancy also gives you more time to get to know the person who will be with you in some intimate and vulnerable moments, enhancing that bond and making sure your whole family will feel confident.

One last consideration is that I take on a limited amount of clients each month, so booking early ensures I’ll have the availability to serve you and your family.

Do you only support pain med free births?

The answer to this question also addresses one of my core beliefs about being a Doula; your birth is not my birth.

I believe you should experience your pregnancy and birth the way you want it, not the way I want it, your friend wants it, your Doctor of Midwife wants it, or your family wants it. My support reflects this.

The choice to use pain medications as a tool in your labor and birth, as well as all the other choices you will make throughout this process are completely yours to make.

For those clients unsure about their choices and options, our prenatal sessions can provide you with the opportunity to learn and ask questions.  I will also help you design your birth plan, if this is something you’re interested in.

Bottomline – no matter the level of medicinal pain management you chose, I will bring with me the same arsenal of experience, knowledge and techniques to help you cope with labour.

What is your training?

Over the last five years I have been lucky to have been immersed in some of the best childbirth, lactation and postpartum support trainings available:

  • DONA International – Birth Doula Training (and Certification)
  • Birth Arts International – Birth Doula Training
  • DONA International – Postpartum Doula Training
  • International Childbirth Educators Association (ICEA) – Childbirth Educator Training
  • Simkin Centre – Certified Lactation Educator Training (and Certification)

But the real gold has come from actually serving an array of families in our community. Each mother I have knelt by and held space for has taught me something invaluable that I carry on with me in service to the next family I work with.

Additionally I’m trained in First Aid, CPR and Mental Health First Aid.

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