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Birth Gab


Birth Gab was born to create a safe place for new, expecting and experienced parents to chat and connect about what birth can look and feel like.

We’ll listen, learn, share, and gab. Each week will feature 2 strong mamas (and the occasional papa) and their birth stories. We will learn about pregnancy, birth and postpartum options in a fun, informal way, while connecting with our birthing and parent community. We welcome everyone!

Join us once a month, on Saturdays in Lizzie Bits’ Learning Lounge at 665 Victoria St from 11am-12:30pm. The group is drop in and by donation!

Upcoming Dates:

~ August 12th 2017

~ September 9th 2017

~ October 21st 2017

We look forward to gabbing soon!

Beer & Babies

Father with his young baby cuddling and kissing him on cheek. Parenthood, love.
4 weeks - Tuesdays- starting feb 21

This 4 week crashcourse for Dads-to-be is fun, informal and short – but jam packed with everything a prepared labor teammate needs to know to support a mama-to-be through childbirth and then rock the real main show – life with a baby!

Every week will feature a different experienced guest Dad to share his experience and best tips with the group.

Potentially the best part…. We do this all over pints!

Upcoming Dates:


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