Breastfeeding Education | Stork to Cradle Doula
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Breastfeeding Education

We love breastfeeding and we hope to share our passion with you. We aim to help each couple we work with find the joy and connection in their breastfeeding experience.


If in pregnancy, our sessions will help you learn more to help you have the best foundation when the time comes. If scheduled for after your bundle has come, our sessions will help bring extra ease and confidence to what you’re already doing.


Some topics covered include:


• How breastfeeding works


• Health benefits for mom and baby


• Positions


• Baby and partner bonding options


• What is normal


• Night time feeding


• Latch and positioning


• Troubleshooting common challenges


• Local resources and referrals



Our sessions are held in-home, where you’ll likely be most comfortable (which is key)!



$100 for a 2-hour private session.