Birth Photography | Stork to Cradle Doula
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A beautiful way to remember one of the most important days of your life.

Our documentary style photos will be edited and emailed to you so that even when the memories of this life changing day start to fade, you will have something to remind you forever.

Your Photographer is on call from the time you sign your contract until the birth of your child and will come to you either in hospital or in your own home, stay with you through labour and up to 2 hours post birth.

As someone who is involved in birth all the time, I am skilled at holding space in a birth room. I always ensure that my presence as a Photographer is not something that distracts you from your birthing. You and your loved ones will be able to experiences your journey without feeling like you are putting on a show or being observed.

Your love and raw emotions will be something that you will be happy to have documented and be able to look back on over and over again.

Please contact us to learn more!