What are the values that guide your care and support? | Stork to Cradle Doula
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What are the values that guide your care and support?


  • We trust that birth is a normal physiological event
  • We know that childbirth can be challenging but that women are strong – often stronger than they themselves realize
  • We believe that women are the experts of their own bodies and should hold the power to make informed decisions


  • Childbirth has the potential to be a positive and calm experience
  • A positive birth does not mean a perfect, “natural”, or goes as planned birth


  • We believe prenatal preparation is an important part of creating a positive and empowering birth and early parenting experience
  • We have seen how the presence of fear and anxiety in childbirth interferes with the ideal design of birth. We believe that removing systemic fear and misinformation about childbirth through education, can improve the likelihood for families to experience birth in a positive way


  • Stork to Cradle Doula Care Doulas support all pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting choices without bias. We aim to support informed choice, respect and unconditional care for the childbearing family.
  • We believe the level support and respect a woman receives in her labor, birth and postpartum period can have a long lasting impact, far beyond the childbearing year.
  • We know that early parenting can be challenging as well as the magical, beautiful experience you’ve imagined. We believe the guidance and support of a confident, calm and experienced professional can help parents build their own confidence and ease the transition of a new child in the family
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