What is your training? | Stork to Cradle Doula
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What is your training?

Over the last five years I have been lucky to have been immersed in some of the best childbirth, lactation and postpartum support trainings available:

  • DONA International – Birth Doula Training (and Certification)
  • Birth Arts International – Birth Doula Training
  • DONA International – Postpartum Doula Training
  • International Childbirth Educators Association (ICEA) – Childbirth Educator Training
  • Simkin Centre – Certified Lactation Educator Training (and Certification)

But the real gold has come from actually serving an array of families in our community. Each mother I have knelt by and held space for has taught me something invaluable that I carry on with me in service to the next family I work with.

Additionally I’m trained in First Aid, CPR and Mental Health First Aid.

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