Will a Doula make my partner feel unnecessary? | Stork to Cradle Doula
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Will a Doula make my partner feel unnecessary?

A Doula’s role is to care for the emotional and physical needs of a birthing woman – OR whatever you define your Doula’s role as. Either way, taking the place of your partner, a person you have a deep personal connection with, is counter productive to a Doula’s job – totally not helpful.

A Doula can help your partner become more involved in the birth! This might be by preparing them prenatally for their role as an emotional and physical support, by role modeling support methods at the birth and/or  by reassuring them as you go, of what normal birth can look like.

Plus, a Doula is supportive to both you and your partner. A Doula will ensure your partner gets rest, eats and uses the restroom without fear of leaving you alone, and therefore be a better, more comfortable support person for you throughout the birth.

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