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What I Did Today as a Postpartum Doula

What I did as a Postpartum Doula today 👇      I (Julie) had a 5 hour Postpartum Doula shift today (I love this work so much) and thought I’d share what all I did so you can get an idea of what it may be like to have a Postpartum Doula support you in those early days.      Here’s what today looked like (each time is often different):      - I was sent a grocery list by my client so started at the grocery store   - Got to the home, put on a mask and brought the groceries in   - Put all the groceries away as I chatted with the clients and talked about what they needed for support today    - Took a roast out of the freezer to cook later   - Washed the dishes    - Washed and sanitized the bottles    - Made a chicken noodle soup and served it up for the parents for lunch   - Cleaned the kitchen   - Put the pot roast in the instant pot for their dinner   - Cut all their veggies for easy access and put away   - Roasted potatoes and put away   - Cooked taco beef and put away    - Pre-made pasta and put away   - Washed more dishes   - Did 2 loads of laundry   - Chatted with the clients about how feeding, newborn care and postpartum care is going.   - Helped disassemble and move the bassinet to a different room   - Refilled the different diaper stations around the house   - And finally baby was awake so I watched her while her parents had some alone/resting time.   - I took out the garbage and recycling on the way out and that’s it until I’m back tomorrow.      One of the parents has a lot of newborn/postpartum experience as a fellow Doula, so I would say my postpartum doula work with this family is unique in that they don’t need a lot of informational support around newborn care, postpartum care and infant feeding - something most new parents benefit from.    Did you have a Postpartum Doula?? Tell us how they supported you in the comments!

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