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Pre-Baby Food Prep!

When I was expecting my son, I almost convinced my partner we should buy a second deep freeze for all the food I was prepping. Luckily, he talked me off that ledge. But, as a Postpartum Doula, I have been around countless new families. I knew I wanted to have one less thing to worry about. Being quite attached to GOOD food and unwilling to eat take out 5 times a week – I decided food prepping was the way to go.

In hindsight, I was a touch over dramatic about the amount of food I needed to have ready, but hey, better safe than sorry.

I’m now expecting my second child and am daydreaming about all that time I had in my first pregnancy to do things like food prepping. I thought I’d share my daydreams with you in the form of some of my favorite recipes and tips for preparing freezer meals in preparation for baby’s arrival.

If you’re expecting and are having similar thoughts as I did the first time around, this is the blog post for you! If you also happen to eat Paleo (like us) than double bonus! I’ve added some non-paleo recipes that my toddler and tween step son both love.

My Favourite Post-Baby Meals & Snacks!

  • Mac & Cheese (I make these in individual portions for my step son to take for lunches to school!)
  • Raw Blueberry Smoothie Packs (my own recipe 😉 )
    • Place 2 cups frozen blueberries, 6 dates and two handfuls of raw cashews in a Ziploc bag. Freeze. When ready to make, dump into a blender, cover (just barely) with water and blend baby, blend. I’d make a tonne of these to have on hand.

Looking To Prep Your Kitchen Before Prepping Your Freezer? Here’s My Current Favourite Kitchen Tools For Preparing Freezer Meals!

  • Instant Pot (Are you sick of hearing about the Instant Pot yet? Too bad: It actually is that good)

Not Into Food Prepping? Here’s Some Other Tips For Getting Fed Postpartum:

  • If you haven’t already found out about the now available grocery delivery options in Kamloops – visit Save On Foods and Superstore websites
  • Learn about beTeased’s Gourmet Food Prep!

LOVE one of these recipes? Have your own favourite to share? COMMENT BELOW!

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