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Yogini Birth Doula Package

The Yogini Birth Doula Package is a fusion of Yoga and Ayurvedic guidance and our Birth Doula services. This is for anyone who sees the benefits of using the practice and wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, in their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits of yoga prenatally, there is a world of vast knowledge held within the ancient science of Ayurveda. The balance, mindfulness, calm and relaxation Yoga and Ayurveda bring, can be invaluable tools to be called upon in the childbearing year. As part of this package, our Birth Doulas and Registered Yoga Teachers will teach you these tools and help you learn how and when you can utilize them – from pregnancy, through childbirth and into the intensity of early parenting.

Learn more about Ayurveda here: http://www.daniellebertoia.com

What Exactly Is Included in the Yogini Birth Doula Package?

Prenatal Support:

  • Unlimited phone and email support from the moment we start working together, for all the highs and lows of pregnancy
  • Full access to our lending and resource library
  • An Ayurvedic assessment
  • 1 Ayurvedic tea to support a healthy pregnancy
  • 1 custom Ayurvedic abhyanga oil for pregnancy
  • 1 one-two hour prenatal session during which we’ll explore labor and birth options, your wishes for your experience, and help you develop a birth plan. This session is designed to prepare you to make informed choices that are going to best suit your desired birth experience.
  • 1 one – two hour prenatal session where we will help you develop a customized prenatal yoga sequence and discuss your prenatal yoga practice
  • 1 one – two hour prenatal session to learn about Ayurvedic specific methods for birth preparation
  • Enrollment in the Yoga Loft’s ‘Yoga for Labor and Birth Preparation Workshop’ http://youryogaloft.com/yoga-for-labour-preparation/

Childbirth Support:

Continuous labor and birth support which may include:

  • Assistance in setting up the birth space
  • Emotional support; reassurance, guidance and comforting words
  • Positioning and movement suggestions specific to you and your labor, if needed
  • Natural pain relief suggestions and hands on comfort measures such as acupressure, counter pressure and massage
  • Mantra, visualization, affirmation, meditation and mindfulness guidance and encouragement
  • Help with relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Suggestions and encouragement for the birth partner to be as supportive and involved as desired
  • Informational support around birth choices and special circumstances that may arise
  • Photography of labor and birth with 25 edited images
  • Use of TENS Machine (Learn About Elle TENS), birth balls, rebozo and other labor tools during labor

Postpartum Support:

Immediately postpartum, your Doula stays with you to support initiating breastfeeding, bonding and ensure everyone is feeling comfortable and confident.

In the weeks following the birth, two in home postpartum visits to ensure you have everything you need in place to make the whole new parenting gig, a touch bit easier. We’ll talk about the birth, your postpartum experience and newborns. We’ll answer any and all questions you have.

  • An Ayurvedic recipe book for healing postpartum
  • Infant Massage instruction
  • 1 Ayurvedic herbal tea to support postpartum healing
  • Arrangement of a meal train with Ayurvedic meal guidance (https://www.mealtrain.com)
  • 1 custom Ayurvedic abhyanga oil for momma
  • 1 custom Ayurvedic abhyanga oil for baby
  • Unlimited phone and email support through 6 weeks postpartum

We are a pre approved Doula provider with the BCAAFC Doula Grant Program. If you qualify for this program, please let us know! Visit this site to learn more!

Please ask us about our payment plans! We’ll work this out with you!

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