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I had the opportunity to have Julie by my side while pregnant, during labour and during my postpartum recovery and can I just say how absolutely amazing she is. She’s so comforting and makes you feel like superwoman threw out the whole experience. My mom Darlene couldn’t say enough good things too as she was exactly what I needed during my home birth attempt (ended up with a c section) and helped my husband threw it all too. So THANK YOU Julie for being the amazing woman that you are.. being a doula is definitely your calling. – Sarah Bouwmeester

Suvannah was amazing! She was recommended to me by my midwife very last minute and was able to accommodate me and we clicked right away. She’s so easy going and adaptable and supportive and I was so glad I changed my mind about having a doula at this birth which was my third birth. I had very different experiences with my last two births that I was reluctant to have another doula for this one but knew I needed the support as I didn’t have anyone else I could depend on. She was a gift and I appreciate her so much. Xoxo – Sandra Finlan


Very knowledgeable and flexible. Great sense of humour. Perfect for someone who’s husband/boyfriend works out of town. – Rhea


I would absolutely recommend Suvannah to any expecting mama!! She was so amazing to my family, we are so grateful for her. Suvannah was always there to answer any of my questions and concerns throughout pregnancy- being a first time mom I had lots! She was always giving us knowledgable advice and feedback making me feel wayyyy better. During labour her support was so amazing I don’t know what I would’ve done without her!! We love you, thank you for everything! – Kristina Trent


Julie was incredible & loving & caring! She held my dignity & worth in the highest regard at all times. She reminded me how much of a warrior I am & was an incredible co-pilot for my amazing partner Richard! Julie supported me in my birthing goals and journey! I would highly recommend her! – MaryAnn

Suvannah is a woman who is meant to be a doula – Jessica Reiter

nick and tania3

It was December 1st 2014 that the pregnancy test showed a positive sign and right then and there I knew our lives were about to change even more. Being a blended family my husband having 2 children and myself having 2 children the news of a little baby joining both our families together was very exciting. It wasn’t long before reality started setting in and I was terrified. It had been 5 years since I had carried a life inside of my body and so many things had changed in my life. Embarking on a completely new life journey, I wanted to embrace this experience and we decided to get a midwife. Our midwife thought it would be a good idea to have a doula. That’s when we met Julie. I couldn’t believe how lucky and blessed we had been having a midwife and a doula. Julie was so amazing! She came to our home and introduced herself, she explained to us in detail what a doula was and what we could expect from her. After our initial meeting, Julie came to our home and met with us multiple times always bringing lots of goodies and information for us to try. She always had great healthy herbs for me, suggestions for relief of pregnancy symptoms and suggestions for natural pain relief. You can tell she’s put a lot of time into her education. Julie was always there to talk to through text or phone whenever I had any questions or struggled. Near the end of my pregnancy everything hurt and I was riddled with fear. The plan that I had wanted for myself and this baby was no longer clear in my mind. I wanted to give up and just do it at the hospital.


After talking with me, Julie wanted to meet in person as she was concerned for me. We met at a coffee shop were I told her how I was feeling and what was happening. She told me something very valuable that day… She said to not ever make decisions based on fear. She reassured me and told me that whatever i decided to do that she would support me. I felt so much better after speaking to her it gave me the courage to push on through with my original plan. The big day came on the evening of July 22nd, 2015. I phoned and she came right away she never left my side. She held my hand the whole way through. She reminded me of things we had practiced and talked about in the times i could not remember and continued to support and remind me to breath and let go of the fear. Having Julie there was an incredible support. It was beyond what I had imagined. Julie has continued to see us and stay in touch. She made home visits to check up on me and baby after baby was born. If we were to have any more babies (which is NOT happening), I would want Julie to be there because no matter how much you think you’re prepared, nothing prepares you for childbirth and having someone as amazing as Julie at your side to help you through every second of it… there really are no words.


We would recommend Julie in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything you have and continue to do for our family. We are forever grateful that you were part of our journey. Thank you for not allowing me to give up on myself, believing in me and giving me the strength to believe in myself. Because of you, we had our baby girl in the most incredible home water birth in our living room, just the way we had imagined it. – Tania, Nick and baby Charleigh

Suvannah was the right fit for our high-risk VBAC!  She was kind and compassionate through our pregnancy, labour, delivery, and postpartum! She helped us to find the right information to make informed decisions every step of the way.  She is well informed, up to date on current research, well trained and has a huge heart.  After all we have been through with her we would be honoured to call her one of our family! She has seen me at my most ‘natural states’ and was able to respect my decisions and wishes and comfortable enough to encourage my husband to speak up as necessary.  She was a tremendous support!  She was also able to skillfully keep my delivery suite calm and gave me the power to focus on just delivering a healthy baby.   Suvannah also captured some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of myself and our beautiful baby!  Suvannah was very kind and compassionate with our preschooler – she always said hello and had a few plays with him.  She also found ways to make him feel a part of the process!  I really feel that this supported the transition from only child to older child!  We are very happy with our decision to hire Suvannah.  I also recommend that if you are considering a doula that you call Suvannah – her professionalism is second to none and the interview will be worth your time! – Jennifer Wallace

Meeting Julie was like a godsend. As a first time mother, I absolutely cannot imagine going through the journey without her. During my pregnancy, Julie made herself readily available to meet, educate, and answer any questions my husband and I had. She came to us at our home, meeting us in our environment and making us feel comfortable. We felt at ease with her instantly. Julie brings with her a variety of teaching tools, coming prepared and armed with knowledge to each and every meeting. She possesses excellent communication skills and fosters meaningful connections, something that meant the world to us.


During the delivery, Julie was our savior. She came to us cheerfully in the dead of night and was a beacon of support to the both of us. She helped me cope with my pain and anxiety with different management strategies, doing so in a soothing and compassionate manner. Her calming demeanor and gentle encouragement was the anchor in the storm that both my husband and I definitely needed. Not only did she help me cope, she managed tasks like bringing me water, cool compresses, and providing energy boosting nourishment. This left my husband free to stay by my side without distraction. After the delivery, Julie remained to help me get settled, and offered further assistance in whatever manner I needed. In the weeks after the birth, Julie continued to be present, offering continued support and home visits. In short, she was utterly invaluable. The comfort and assurance she gave us simply cannot be measured.


To anyone who may be considering Julie’s services, I cannot say enough. The depth of appreciation and gratitude I have for this kind, generous, and loving woman is endless. Thank you so much for being a part of this life changing experience, Julie. – Julie and Rob

I am a first time mom and had some questions/concerns about pregnancy and labour, as well as caring for a newborn. Julie was able to fit us into her busy schedule to do prenatal classes with my husband and I, which was an absolute blessing. She came with so much knowledge that she made us feel at ease about the upcoming birth of our baby boy. We were able to go over our fears about labour and questions we had about bringing baby home and she was able to share with us extensive information about every step of the birthing process as well as post-natal care. Julie also demonstrated a variety of calming techniques, positions to help during contractions and how my husband can be supportive at each stage. We felt very comfortable doing these classes at our home and did not feel nervous to ask further questions about certain topics, which she was happy to discuss! We sincerely recommend Stork to Cradle Doula Care and prenatal classes to anyone who is thinking about having some extra support. Even just go for a coffee with Julie to hear about what having a Doula entails and you will be astonished at the amount of knowledge and passion she has as a Doula. – Valerie and Kyle

Suvannah is an amazing birth coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone expecting. She helped to educate us before and after birth. She offered a gentle, encouraging, and empowering presence during birth. Love her! – Lauren Kenny

Julie is absolutely amazing! She helped me throughout my pregnancy even with simple questions like “how the hell do I get rid of this cold?” all the way to the delivery of my first child. We had planned a home birth and the minute I messaged her to let her know my water broke she was in constant contact with me until I knew I needed her to come to my home. She stayed with me at home and helped get me through each contraction, I then transitioned to the hospital and she was right behind me every step of the way. My husband is grateful for Julie’s help as he didn’t know exactly how to support me even when he originally thought he would be fine. She took some great pictures for us during the labour and stayed with me until the late evening to help with nursing and any questions I might have being a new first time mom. She was so encouraging and has such a comforting tone with every word. Julie is worth the investment and I highly recommend her!  – Delrae

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